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309 W. Morgan Street
Durham, NC 27701

More Colors Than A Rodeo Flag

More Colors Than A Rodeo Flag
(Various Countries, 83 minutes) 
Blind Angels: Durham, North Carolina 
Director Umbreen Butt 8 min United States 
In Durham, North Carolina, a vibrant and diverse queer chosen family has formed around José Romero, a charismatic organizer who is living with HIV. Together, in a place with unique and daunting challenges, José and their friends are modeling grassroots change, working together to create a community of love, activism, and mutual support.  
Chhotti Shameez 
Director Shruti Vohra 15 min India 
This short film tells the story of 6 women whose lives change in a little non-descript bra shop tucked away in the gullies of a crowded Chandni Chowk. 
The Funnel  
Director Charlene A. Carruthers 17 min United States 
Trina lives on the South Side of Chicago with her mother amidst an escalating housing crisis. After falling into an intimate recollection of her family's history, she awakes in a world with people, sounds, and possibilities she's never known. An encounter with a familiar spirit opens Trina's eyes and heart to a new gift. 
Director Reem Jubran 12 min United States 
Zaid, a young Arab American amateur drag queen must confront his conservative father and Alzheimer's grandfather about his identity. 
My Abortion Saved My Life 
Director Ruby Fludzinski, Tiler Wilson 9 min United States 
Cazembe Murphy Jackson, a Black trans activist living in Atlanta, Georgia, shares why his access to abortion was vital to his life. After developing severe depression following a sexual assault, and quickly learning he was pregnant, Cazembe's abortion saved him from suicide.  
Right Here 
Director Claudia Bailey 14 min Australia 
After coming out as non-binary to their parents, Grace materializes at their future selves’ birthday party and realizes everything they want to be is inside of them. 
Director Averi Israel 4 min United States 
While waiting for the bus, a spirited young girl-- to the disapproval of her grandma-- befriends a familiar-seeming stranger after bonding over a small gift. 
To All That We Are 
Director Kristian Cahatol 5 min Canada 
A dreamlike love story exploring the budding relationship between two queer twenty-somethings. 
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