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Your Journey's About to Begin

Your Journey's About to Begin
(Various Countries, 82 minutes) 
Director Albert Carbó 12 min Spain 
Elsa is a 6-year-old child who wants to live happily and free. She knows that she is different from most, but despite her young age she is clear: she knows that she is a girl and that she is the queen of her life.  
Director Fabien Ara 14 min France 
Alma freezes when her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating on Simon’s choice for gender orientation. 
Director Gavo Figueira 12 min Mexico 
A "normal" woman, trapped in sexual and emotional dissatisfaction, struggles to figure out what being a woman is about. Everything takes place within the shadow of a painful past, love, social paradigms, and a drastic decision that has no way back. 
Director Sajjad Shahhatami 15 min Iran 
The protagonist of the story faces a dilemma of choosing between sense and sensibility regarding one's innermost feelings. Filled with doubt, he must work against the clock to achieve his goal as he knows that one's identity is what matters most. 
Director Roshanak Ajamian 15 min Iran 
A young couple named Navid and Baran have problems in their marital relationship after migrating to Canada. Now Baran decides to share his main problem with Navid. 
Director Leanne Hanley 14 min Australia 
Caught between two worlds, Ethan must confront their inner demons. With the help of therapist, Ethan attempts to transition from crippling obsession to a freedom that can only be found by becoming Sapphire. 
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